Everything at one location

Bundled competence and intelligent manufacturing combined with resource-conserving production

At Varioplast® innovation has been a long-standing tradition, since 1970. Around our core competency of plastic injection moulding - 1K, 2K, hybrid technology - from simple up to complex geometries, we have developed many more production technologies along the supply chain over the years. In particular this is true for the area of surface finishing where by now our production spectrum ranges from pad printing, hot stamping, screen printing, coating, lasering up to PVD-metallizing.

Also, our expertise in the matter of automation technology gives us the competitive edge. We develop and create interlinked production lines in-house, which combine our production technologies directly and fully automated with each other. That makes us not only top of the class in product quality but also internationally competitive.

“Green Technologies” have been part of our production method for more than 50 years.

Our high automation rate allows for ultimate reproducibility and efficiency and contributes to an improvement of the ecological balance.

Eco-friendly alternatives such as PVD-metallizing and inline robotic painting achieve best results and a reduction of up to 75 % of the grey footprint. Using CO2-conserving mechanical services and fully electric machines is self-evident for us.

“Innovations provide futurity for the future” (H. J. Quadbeck-Seeger) - innovation means being inventive. We are also involved in the matter of logistics and packaging and have our VARIOBOXX® on offer: a product-specific lightweight and reusable packaging made from recycled materials.

And we’ll keep moving into the future along with you.