Coating by Robot

Efficient coating saves material and improves quality


Coating by robot is used in the inline processes of INSTANTCOAT® and INSTANTCHROME®. Coatings used are: solvent based coatings, hydro coating and UV coating, in a multilayer structure as 1K- or 2K-coatings. With the INSTANTCOAT-INLINE-coating process we have developed a production cell which integrates all processing steps from plastic granulate to injection moulding, coating and packaging of the product.


  • More regular coating thickness
  • Better surface appearance
  • Better coating adhesion (by parts guaranteed to be dirt-free)
  • Saving of coating of up to 96%, by reduction of overspraying
  • Time reduction in the production of coated parts with INSTANTCOAT from (before) several days to (now) approx. 45 mins.


Spindle Coating


VARIOPLAST has at its disposal a closed and fully automated chain spindle coating line with integrated ionisation station, two spray booths and continuous drying line. An intake and exhaust air system with cross-flow heat exchanger and integrated humidifier complements the production. Cooling and heating of intake air takes place by geothermal energy and use of excess process heat. Upon request Powerwash can be applied upstream.


Surface Spraying


VARIOPLAST has a closed, fully automated spraying machine with ionization at its disposal. This machine contains two spray booths and a continuous dryer.