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„The INLINE-metallization process INSTANTCHROME® by means of PVD, developed by VARIOPLAST®, is a perfect fit for our strategy of INHOUSE-process chains and has replaced galvanic chrome plating in our company.“
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Däbritz
Manager of VARIOPLAST®

  • The process chain of INSTANTCHROME®

    1. Injection Moulding
    2. Priming, UV-coating/drying
    3. Chrome plating (PVD-Coating)
    4. Topcoat (decorative protective coating) with solvent based and solvent free coatings, UV coating
    5. Automated packaging of the coated products

  • Advantages of INSTANTCHROME® versus galvanization process

    ● Fully automated process from injection moulding to ready-coated and packaged product
    ● Repeatable due to exactly adjustable parameters for coating and chrome plating
    ● Qualitative advantages due to constant process conditions
    ● Significantly lower scrap rate
    ● Direct part assessment during process
    ● No Hot Touch Effect
    ● Energy conservation
    ● Environmental compatibility (no hazardous waste)
    ● Cost savings

  • Applications of INSTANTCHROME®

    Decorative and functional coatings (matt and shiny)

  • Significant Advantages compared to galvanically chrome-plated parts

    ● Selective coating for fiber optics/reflector
    ● Various coating materials and polymers applicable
    ● Even snap-on hinges, clip closures, film hinges possible
    ● Ultrasonic welding, day & night design lasering feasible

  • Hochschule Karlsruhe – Bachelor Thesis at Varioplast

    Coating process of the PVC-Magnetron-Sputter process with optimization of the chrome coating by application of optimal design of experiments on the physical functionality of Magnetron Sputtering - optimal design and application of experiments (DoE) - Characteristics and Behaviour of Chrome during sputtering

  • Fulfilled Objectives

    ● no visible cracking
    ● best adherence of chrome on plastics
    ● optimization of UV-protective coating in accordance with quality standards of automobile manufacturers
    ● coating with paint (Primer/Topcoat)